Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care Services

I will only recommend what is best for your trees and landscape plants after a thorough comprehensive on site analysis of your property. I provide complete growing site, tree and woody landscape plant assessments. This includes a one on one with the client assessing the property history and their aesthetic values and goals. I refer to this as an “intake”. Recommendations are made prioritizing the necessary work balancing the client’s goals, and the plants needs within a decided upon budget.

Sound diagnostic intake technique and experience provides the foundation for a comprehensive plant health care prescription. The successful implementation of this relates directly to balancing the existing plants vitality, the growing site conditions, the product(s) and/or methods chosen for application, dose and timing.

I also provide detailed post-treatment evaluation and follow-up that will sustain the viability and enhance the individual services provided.     

Disease and Insect Pest Management

As a Licensed Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator I offer a full range of all available options in preventing or controling any pest problem(s). I offered a full range of “natural” alternatives from which you may also be able to consider. Most often trees under stress from either diseases or insects are treated in a distinct two step approach. The first step is to eradicate or control the pest and the second to initiate the trees recovery and improve upon its vitality.

Integrated Bio-Fertilizing Programs

Soil Development and Root Invigoration Remedies  All healthy woody plants and trees have a well developed, maintained, and dedicated root growing space. I offered laboratory tested soil amendments and a wide variety of specific prescription options to initiate, maintain and increase the development of the root growing zone of your trees and woody plants. Integrated soil remedial programs are a specialty.

Distressed Tree Recovery Prescriptions

I specialize in treating trees that are distressed and declining. Often their recovery is based on a combination of different Plant Health Care modalities. Comprehensive evaluations and specific recovery recommendations are made and implemented. I perform complete pruning services to select ornamental specimens. This includes select shrubs and small trees. Japanese Maples, Flowering crab apples,  fruit trees and other select specimens. Not all trees are savable or worthy of treatment and all trees will eventually die and removal is necessary. When risk reduction is necessary and or large structural pruning is required I work closely with many reputable companies I can recommend.

Initial Rejuvenation/Post Planting Treatment

Initial treatment for new clients introducing and establishing the biological components necessary for optimum plant/soil health. Inoculating beneficial fungi and bacteria spores into root growing zones (rhizosphere). Addressing other soil needs including soil structure development, mineral and elemental deficiencies, and the introduction of organic compounds into the plant/soil relationship.

•  Mycorrhizal Fungi
•  Beneficial Bacteria
•  Biostimulants – Microbial Nutrients
•  Elemental/Nutrient Package – Fertilizer

Specific Stress Recovery Treatments

•  Product applications addressing individual stressed plants within the landscape. Implementing specific prescription recommendations for the recovery of high valued trees or shrubs.