Sylvan Ganēsh

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Sylvan Ganēsh

My educational history and 45 years of professional experience of walking and working in the forest will enable me to offer you a perspective of your land that you may never have encountered before. I work with landowners of various sizes from a few acres to parcels over 100 acres.

Your property, land, water and forest upon it can provide many personal and societal benefits. Your awareness of the stewardship responsibilities involved with this ownership is paramount. The stewardship of your forest can bring about opportunities to enhance and diversify these benefits.

The forest that you own is a unique and complex living ecosystem that is constantly changing. Understanding this dynamic process is essential to making the most suitable decisions aligned with your own specific goals.

Being aware of the increasing number of threats, including invasive plants and insects and poor historical/or otherwise “slanted” advice about forest conservation may affect these attributes in varying ways or combinations.

Personally, the benefits can include but are not limited to enjoying its beauty and stillness through passive recreation, embracing the privacy and quietness it provides, other more active recreational opportunities, wildlife and bird viewing and of course a vehicle that may provide income opportunities.

It may also provide many public benefits as well such as clean water and air, climate change mitigation and provide wildlife habitat.

As a landowner, you have many choices regarding the care of your land. I can help you make the most unformed decisions that best meet your desires.

No matter what you do with your land, the main key to success is making an informed decision.

This can best be understood by being introduced to all of your options and their likely resulting impact on the forest. I can explain and help you comprehend these options and the biological processes behind them. I can help you imagine, design and implement a forest stewardship management plant tailored specifically to you. I can help you enhance the existing positive attributes and qualities you enjoy while providing you with sound guidance for the future.